Pastor Richard Rubi

Pastor Richard Rubi

Senior Pastor

Richard and Yolanda Rubi were saved and married in the Tucson church, where they served the congregation in several ministries.

In 1983, Pastor Rubi took over the pastoral role at the Las Vegas Christian center in Las Vegas, New Mexico.  Pastor and Yolanda were instrumental in building a core foundation of people that are still members of that church today.

In 1987 they started a church in Houston, Texas, that is still active and thriving.

In 1988, Pastor took over pastoral care in San Antonio, Texas.  Pastor and Yolanda have served faithfully for over 30 years and raised their two children, Marques and Raquel within our congregation.


Pastor Miguel Martinez

Assistant Pastor

Miguel and Deedee Martinez came to Jesus Christ as teenagers in the San Antonio church.

In 2007, Pastor Martinez answered the call to pioneer a new church in Leon Valley, TX. During the next 10 years, Pastor Martinez and DeeDee labored faithfully raising up a powerful work and core of believers that are still serving God today.

In 2017, Pastor Martinez returned to our church to step into the role of Assistant Pastor.  Pastor Martinez and DeeDee raised nine children in church, never letting it stop them from being involved in multiple ministries or answering the call.

Richard Villela

Door Director

Richard and Adrienne and their young family, came to Christ in 2003 in the San Antonio church.

After faithfully serving in various ministries over a number of years, Richard was announced as Door Director out of the 2023 South Texas Bible Conference.  Richard and Adrienne continue to serve our local church as they prepare for a future call to the harvest field.